2018 Top 20 Best Sellers Tasting
Saturday, January 19: 1-5pm

Each January, we kick off the New Year with an unveiling of our prior year's best selling wines. The top sellers are selected based on total bottles sold at both Peterson locations in 2018. Join us next Saturday, January 19th, for a tasting of these best sellers featuring the Top #1-10 at our Chicago Avenue location and #11-20 at our Gartner Road location.

Drumroll Please...Peterson's 2018 Top 20 Best Selling Wines

#1- La Playa Sauvignon Blanc
Sale Price $8.99 / 6bt+ $8.09


#2- Heavyweight Cabernet Sauvignon
Sale $12.99 / 6bt+ $11.69


#3- Smoking Loon Chardonnay
Sale $8.49 / 6bt+ $7.64


#4- Leese Fitch Cabernet Sauvignon
Sale Price $9.99 / 6bt+ $8.99


#5- Aviary Cabernet Sauvignon
Sale $14.99 / 6bt+ $13.49


#6- Anthony & Dominic Pinot Noir
Sale $15.99 / 6bt+ $14.39

Shop ALL 20 Best Sellers on our website, naperwine.com or download a copy for on-hand keeping the next time you shop with us! All wines are on sale through January 31. No other discounts apply.