California is the fourth largest producer of wine in the world. They have gained world recognition for many fine wines due to the wealth and variety of soil conditions and micro climates that exist. Premium wines are made up and down the whole length of California. The most important red varieties are: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Syrah, and Zinfandel. The most important white grape varieties are: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio, and Viognier. California hails 107 of the 188 AVAs established in the U.S.

7 Deadly Zins Lodi California Zinfandel Region:California Acre California Cabernet Sauvignon Region:California Acre California Chardonnay Region:California
Altamura Napa Valley California Cabernet Sauvignon Region:California anderson Conn Valley Reserve Napa Valley California Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Region:California Angeline Sonoma California Chardonnay Region:California
Angeline California Pinot Noir Region:California Angeline California Sauvignon Blanc Region:California Angeline California Merlot Region:California
Angeline Sonoma Sonoma California Pinot Noir Region:California Archipel Sonoma California Meritage Region:California Atalon Napa Valley California Merlot Region:California
Baileyana Edna Valley California Pinot Noir Region:California Ballentine Napa Valley California Estate Petit Verdot Region:California Bay Fog Napa Valley California Cabernet Sauvignon Region:California
Belle Glos Meiomi California Pinot Noir Region:California Bliss California Merlot Region:California Bliss California Cabernet Sauvignon Region:California
Bliss Mendocino California Sauvignon Blanc Region:California Block Nine Caiden's Vineyards California Pinot Noir Region:California Bogle California Chardonnay Region:California
Bogle California Old Vine Zinfandel Region:California Bogle California Merlot Region:California Bogle Petite Sirah Port California Petite Sirah Port Region:California
Bogle Phantom California Zinfandel Blend Region:California Bota Box California Chardonnay Region:California Bota Box California Pinot Grigio Region:California
Bota Box California Old Vine Zinfandel Region:California Bota Box California Merlot Region:California Bota Box California Cabernet Sauvignon Region:California