Peterson Staff Members Personal Picks!


Muga Reserve, Rioja Spain
Sale $27.99/bt > Reg. 28.99/bt > Mixed Case $23.79/bt

The Muga Reserva is a gorgeous traditional Rioja blend of Tempranillo, Garnacha, Graciano, and Mazuelo. I generally refer to Rioja as my favorite region for wine, and this wine is among the pinnacle of the style. Generous oak and vanilla notes balance the leathery and earthy aromas of the Tempranillo, while the Garnacha provides underlying hints of bright, fresh fruits. Robust yet elegantly soft tannins make for a wine that pairs well with a wide range of foods, or keep it extremely drinkable even by itself.- Andrew Gehlhausen

Peirano Vineyards Chardonnay, Lodi, California
Sale $12.99/bt > Reg. $13.99/bt > Mixed Case $11.04/bt

Don’t let the unassuming black and gold label fool you. Inside this bottle is a California chardonnay that can compete with better known ones at twice the price! Tropical fruits (not citrus) on the nose with full-bodied flavors of baked brioche, vanilla, buttery with a touch of oak. Silky, sophisticated—if this wine was an actress it would be Helen Mirren!- Adrianne Gregory

Martin Codax Albarino, Spain
Sale $13.99/bt > Reg. $14.99/bt > Mixed Case $11.89/bt

Since I am probably known in Peterson’s as a heavy full bodied red wine aficionado I suspect that I surprised some of the staff with this selection.  I first tried this white Spanish grape about 5 years ago on one of my California wine trips and was immediately impressed with its bright crispness, mild acidity, and sutble tastes of pear and melon.  This soft wine finishes with a hint of green apples and makes it a great fit for any spicy meal; I like to pair it with cacun shrimp, or garlic clams for example.  It also works well with a green salad with either balsamic vinegar or spicy Italian dressing.   This Spanish wine is my first choice for a refreshing drink on those warm summer days that I hope we will soon be having.- Dennis Wood

Tenuta Polvaro Lison Classico Tocai, Veneto, Italy
Sale $15.99/bt > Reg. $16.99/bt > Mixed Case $13.59/bt

I love to eat sushi and any thing seafood.  When I do I enjoy a glass for the Polvaro Lison.  It goes very well with any type of seafood.  It is definitely a full bodied white that has great structure and a great finish.  It is clean and a bit dry which I enjoy in a white and also have nice floral notes on the nose.- Laura Evans

Dom. St Roman d'Esclans Rose, Provence, France
Sale $20.99/bt > Reg. $21.99/bt > Mixed Case $17.84/bt

I personally love a good dry Rose especially this time of year.  Two weeks ago I tried this newly imported  organically grown Provence Rose and it became my new favorite.  This is truly artisan only 1000 cases are produced of which less than 250 cases come to the U.S.- Victoria Peterson

Emerson Vineyards Pinot Noir, Willamette, Oregon
Sale $18.99/bt > Reg. $19.99/bt > Mixed Case $16.14/bt

Oregon 2014 Pinot Noir's are phenomenal.  They are considered the best yet from Oregon.  I have always been a fan of Pinot Noir.  Emerson Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley is very traditional Oregon Pinot Noir, starting with the nose all the way through the finish. You don't often run across an Oregon Pinot Noir of this quality for under $20. – Victoria Peterson

Rib Shack Pinotage/Shiraz, South Africa
Sale $9.99/bt > Reg. $10.99/bt > Mixed Case $8.49/bt

I enjoy this Pinotage / Shiraz blend because it’s a red wine with a lot of flavour at a great price point. It’s smooth and easy to drink with food or on its own. With its slight coffee nose it’s a unique delicious treat. – Kim Render

Tapiz Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina
Sale $17.99/bt > Reg. $18.99/bt > Mixed Case $15.29/bt

When I tried the Tapiz Malbec  for the first time it was one of my favorites right away!!  I have always loved red wines that are bold and have deep aromas and flavors.  This wine has that going on 100%. I love that this wine is smooth with loads of juicy fruit up front, and spicy, earthier flavors. With the bright red fruit and a dry finish, it goes well with that perfect grilled meal for the summer time. If you are a Malbec lover this wine is perfect for you.- Carrie Peterson

Ninety + Lot 71 Malbec
Sale $14.99/bt > Reg. $15.99/bt > Mixed Case $12.74/bt

Easy to drink, smooth and approachable.  Great bottle to open on a weekend to enjoy with friends or on my own when you're enjoying a good meal.- Suzi Pope

Katherine Goldschmidt Cabernet Sauvignon, Alexander Valley, CA
Sale $21.99/bt > Reg. $22.99/bt > Mixed Case $18.69/bt

When Joe Bonk from Louis Glunz first introduced me to this fine Cab at one of our tastings at Main street,  I became a huge fan. I prefer drier full- bodied Cabs and the Katherine Goldschmidt offers nice complexity with very smooth tannins but not overly fruity. It’s absolutely delicious and no customer has ever been disappointed with this recommendation; they keep coming back for more. It’s a great wine and definitely a great value for the money.- Renee Cushing


Great Divide Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti, Colorado: Sale $10.49, Reg. $10.99
I like most beers that come from Great divide. It is a great brewery with vision. In the glass there is noticeable Dark blackness with a thick head and chocolate and coffee aromas. I love the first taste of bitten chocolate with a slight oakiness. It has a young, thick and chewy character that makes this unique.- Jeff Chase

Odd Side Citra Pale Ale, Grand Haven, Michigan: Sale $9.49, Reg. $9.99
Citra hops are currently one of the most popularly used hops in American craft beer, and Odd Side Ale's Citra Pale Ale, to me, is one of the best you can find. Generously hopped, but not overly bitter, it's well balanced, approachable, and refreshingly citrusy. Out of all the beers that I point people toward in replacement of 3 Floyds' Zombiedust, this one is my favorite.- Andrew Gehlhausen

Werk Force Farmhouse Contra Saison, Plainfield, IL: Sale $9.49, Reg. $9.99
Werk Force Brewing in Plainfield has only been around for a couple of years, but they have established themselves among experimental brewers of the Belgian styles. They are my current favorite brewery in the area, and, though they rarely bottle their beers, Farmhouse Contra presents a truly ridiculously awesome example of what Saison should be. Bright citrus flavors blend spectacularly with the slight funk, complex spice notes, and rich body traditional to Saison. Excellent for summer nights.- Andrew Gehlhausen

Off Color Troublesome Gose, Chicago, IL: Sale $9.49, Reg. $9.99
Off Color Troublesome Gose displays mastery of the Gose style: not overly sour, just refreshingly tart - reminiscent of fresh tropical and citrus fruits. A blend of a purposely generic wheat ale and a super funky and acidic beer fermented using only Lactobacillus (the creator of the sour, funky flavor), with coriander and salt added at the end of fermentation, Troublesome stands as an excellent introduction to the sour styles of beers.- Andrew Gehlhausen


TItos Vodka, Texas: Sale $18.99, Reg. $19.99
I enjoy having a glass of Tito's with club soda at the end of a long day.  It's the perfect drink for because it's quick, easy, smooth,  tastes great and is gluten free.- Suzi Pope

Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Kentucky: Sale $35.99, Reg. $36.99
Easy to drink, great value under $40. You will find carmel, roasted nuts and oak on the nose. Upfront caramel and toffee with some sweetness and a nutty tasted oak finish. Great to sip by an outdoor fire. – Jeff Chase

Koval Gin, Chicago, IL: Sale $33.99, Reg. $34.99
While I'm not personally much of a gin drinker, one sip of Koval's had me hooked. It is extremely refreshing and lively, perfect for cocktails and sipping.- Andrew Gehlhausen

Jefferson's Very Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey: Sale $28.99, Reg. $30.99
As whiskey and Bourbon go, I find there to be distinct dividing tastes. Some people prefer a light, spicy and often very aromatic experience and others crave a deep, lingering and rich experience. Jefferson's caters exclusively to the latter group with a rich, smooth bourbon with immense flavors of Carmel and nutty oak. It is a bourbon that satisfies the taste and texture every second group member adores. At $28.99 and 41.15% ALC., it's an affordable and satisfying buy. And if customers love it, they can consider looking into the Jefferson's Reserve and even the Jefferson's "Ocean" which is aged at sea.- Nick Chernyshev