Beauty in Blended Wines {12 Wines}

Saturday, December 12: 1-5pm @ Peterson's Main St. store

Blended wines are always an area of conversation for wine enthusiasts, especially when it comes to unlikely blends or the backend story of how a blend came to be. It's amazing how many factors influence a blend and how each and every percentage of a varietal added can make a big or small impact. This also happens to be the fun part of being a winemaker and where enthusiasts get to indulge in the artistry of wine. How well do you know your blends and to what degree can you decipher a blended wine's secret code?

Featured Wines:  Iron Horse Wedding Cuvee, Chateau Brulade Rose, Goldschmidt Fidelity Red, Paydirt Red, Dry Creek Mariner, Smith Woodhouse Lodge Reserve, Murrieta's Well The Whip, Gloria Ferrer Va De Ultra Cuvee Sparkling, Fumanelli Valpolicella Classico, Murrieta's Well The Spur, Corte Pavone Toscana and St Christopher Gluhwein.