Spring Wine Tasting Series

Saturday, April 16: 1-5pm @ Peterson's Chicago Avenue store

Peterson's Spring Wine Tasting series is just about to begin and we couldn't be more excited to celebrate the start of a new vintage! Springtime in wine country signifies the birth of new life. Buds are beginning their formation and preparing for what winemaker's hope, is an unforgettable vintage. As wine connoisseurs, we know very well the importance of a good wine and can appreciate the tireless hours of vineyard work that create the very product we love so much.

In this wine series, we want to pay tribute to the 2016 growing season and in doing so, will be highlighting our own "new" wines we feel deserve the limelight. Each tasting will showcase 36+ unique wines, with different wines presented at each store's tasting. The wines presented at these tastings will be eligible for incredible volume discounts on tasting days ONLY! Stay tuned for special mentions as the dates get closer, along with any other details pertinent to these events!