Private Wine Tasting

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A common question we get from our customers throughout the year is “Do you host private wine tastings?” The answer is YES! While we offer many in-store tastings to the public, the months of October-December are by far our busiest for private tastings, in-store or off-site. Wine tastings with friends, co-workers and/or family is such a great way to enjoy one another’s company while also learning about the romance of wine and discovering new treasures. We can tailor tastings in any way requested or we offer several different wine tasting packages to choose from.

Wine 101
If you love wine but feel like you don’t know “proper wine etiquette”, this is the tasting for you! Drinking wine, shopping for wine and talking about wine is supposed to be fun and sometimes just getting the basics down is all you need. At our Wine 101 tasting, our professional wine adviser will walk tasters through the basics of how to appropriately swirl, sniff and sip wine while also providing some basic education on popular domestic varietals such as Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Syrah and Cabernet just to name a few.  Cost is $15/person with a 15 person minimum.

Wine Around the World
For many, drinking wine from California is top choice without hesitation.  However, if you LOVE wine and trying new wines, opening up the doors to regions outside of the U.S. is such a rewarding and enjoyable experience. It makes the world of wine that much more exciting when selecting your wines at the wine store especially when you know what you like! Grab your glass and find out what makes Italian wines so likeable, Spanish wines all the rage and French wines not so intimidating. Learn about the impact of winemaking style and regional influences. This quick tutorial on wines outside of the U.S. will open up so many more doors for your palate and give you a whole new confidence in wine knowledge. Cost is $15/person with a 15 person minimum.

Premium Wine Tasting
Looking to impress a group of wine connoisseurs with not so everyday wines? This tasting is designed for those with an already established palate looking to discover new special occasion wines for their cellar. All wines selected are chosen with drinkability in mind and will be chosen based on exclusivity, ratings and pedigree.  Cost $25/person with a 15 person minimum.