Our Wine Clubs

Order your membership today by calling us at (630) 527-1501, or stop into one of our locations and have one of our staff member’s help you enroll.

Explore wine country around the globe, as if on a guided tour with an expert, by joining the Peterson Wine Cellars’ Wine Clubs. This opportunity is like no other and introduces you to wine made from different varietals and regions around the world, allowing you to experience how different climates and wine making techniques, some ancient and some not, affect the wine you drink.

What makes this so special... our proprietor and wine expert, Victoria, personally selects and tastes every wine that is chosen for our clubs and her discriminating palate decides if each wine is truly special. This approach assures you of an extraordinary wine each month. Sound’s easy? Not really, as some would say, “You’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince!” and as you would expect, the same goes for wine. Imagine hiring someone to taste wines and search high and low for the perfect wine each month for you, without ever repeating the wine selection. Victoria literally tastes over 100 wines each month in her search for our club selections. Not just any wine will do, so she keeps tasting and tasting and…

Beginning in 2002, Victoria’s innovative spirit and commitment to excellence helped Peterson Wine Cellars launch our first Wine of the Month Club. The club’s success was the result of the diversity and quality of wines that Victoria chooses for her monthly selections. From rich Cabernet Sauvignon to the delicate and elegant Syrah, Victoria has maintained a reputation for consistently producing monthly selections that surprise and please our members.


Wine Club Gifts- 3, 6 and 12 month subscription periods available

Proprietor Club$80 per month incl. tax
1 or 2 Bottles per month

The Proprietor Club is special & the wine selected for this club is equally special. Wine lovers know, that exceptional wines are one of the true pleasures of life. This is no ordinary club but is for people who truly appreciate special wine. Each month you will receive one or two very special selections that will be suitable for collecting. Make your cellar happy and join this very exclusive club.

Premium Red Club- $30 per month incl. tax
1 Bottle per month

Peterson Wine Cellars Premium Red Club is an advanced sampling program designed to give our customers the opportunity to taste new releases, wines in limited distribution and occasionally wines which are only available at Peterson Wine Cellars. Each month, you will receive a hand selected red wine that personifies the quality and reputation that our clubs have become known for.

Choice Red Club- $15 per month incl. tax
1 Bottle per month

The Choice Red Club is also a special club but provides selections that comfortably fit into the middle price range. elections for this club are difficult to find since it is much more difficult to find a quality red in this price range. Speaking of kissing frogs, phew, this is work! Each month we will search to the ends of the earth and find quality wines that we feel are royalty.

Choice White Club- $15 per month incl. tax
1 Bottle per month

The Choice White Club is a one of a kind club that produces magnificent wines month after month from Sauvignon Blanc to Chardonnay and a vast array of less well known white varietals. Each wine that we select is both elegant and passes our most difficult standards. If you think of white wine as just a couple of grapes then think again and sign up today. Elegance was just redefined!